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Card Payment Failure

You receive daily Card Payment Failure email notices when our automated billing system fails to process a charge to your credit card on file.  As a last resort, automatic suspension occurs if an invoice remains unpaid for 5 or more days after its due date.

You can update your profile with a different card when a payment failure cannot be resolved with the same card.

When your account is suspended, please skip to this section for urgent assistance.

Common reasons for payment failures

Please note that Rochen is not involved in the decision regarding a payment failure. We process payments securely through a gateway, where the request is sent to your bank or card issuer. Your bank determines whether the charge will be allowed or if it will be declined or rejected.

Please see below for possible causes of declined or rejected charges: 

Blocks on international transactions

Even though we provide our US hosting service via our Dallas datacentre, and we charge in USD, our billing is processed via the United Kingdom. Your bank or card issuer may have a block to prevent automated International transactions, which they can lift upon request. Once resolved, you can process the invoice via your customer account.

Secure Customer Authentication (SCA/3DS) rules

Your bank or card issuer may have new SCA (or 3DS) rules that prevent the charge. This is especially likely if your bank is in the UK or EU. If you think secure authentication issues may be causing the problem, the best thing to do is to re-enter your credit card information. Doing so will re-authenticate the card to satisfy your bank’s requirements. Even if the card on file is not expired and has no other issues, it’s good to re-enter it if you think the problem may be SCA-related. Please open a billing support ticket once you’ve updated your card. 

Card not present

You or your bank may restrict transactions without the physical card being present.  If you believe this may be causing the issue, please phone your bank to let them know that you approve the charge attempts. Once they’ve confirmed that they’ll allow the charge, you can process the invoice via your customer account.

Mismatch of contact information

Our system uses your primary contact information when transmitting payment and charge details. If your bank or card issuer requires an exact match of contact information, you’ll want to ensure that your primary My Rochen details are updated accordingly. Once everything matches, you can process the invoice via your customer account.

High fraud alert

There are certain times when online spending is more frequent than others. This increases the chance of fraudulent credit card use, which, in turn, can heighten bank security measures. Your bank may simply take precautions to keep your account safe from fraud while unintentionally blocking legitimate charge requests (like your Rochen hosting fees).  Once they’ve resolved this, you can process the invoice via your customer account.

Expired card

Our system cannot process an invoice using expired card details. You can check and update your credit card information via your My Rochen account. Our system will automatically process the charge once it receives your newly saved card data. 

For any reason other than an expired card or any known issues, you should contact your bank or card issuer and have them investigate the matter for you. Once you have done so and they’ve resolved the issue, you can process the invoice via your customer account as outlined here.


Preventing service interruption

We are here to help. Before our system enables automated billing suspension, we provide a standard five-day extension on all unpaid invoices. 

We understand that some billing issues may arise beyond circumstances of one’s control, or there may be a simple reason for the failed charge that needs a few more days to resolve during banking hours. 

Our system does not suspend services on Saturdays or Sundays for those reasons. We also strongly encourage all of our clients to contact us via billing support ticket to let us know if payment may be delayed. If you’ve gotten hold of us to let us know, and if your billing history with us has been consistently up to date, we’re generally happy to provide a further extension. If you don’t contact us via ticket, we have no way of knowing if you require this assistance. Please open a billing ticket so we can help. 


Updated on December 14, 2022

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