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Declined Charge Information

If our automated billing system has attempted to process a charge to the credit card that you have on file with us, and the charge hasn’t been successful, you’ll receive a “Card Payment Failure” email notice. 

Please note that Rochen does not reject charges or cards (of accepted types). We process payments securely through a gateway, where the request is sent to your bank or card issuer. It is your bank that determines whether the charge will be allowed or if it will be declined/rejected. 

If you’re aware of the reason why the charge was unsuccessful, and do not think it can be resolved, you can update your profile with a different card

If there are no known reasons for the rejected charge, then you will need to phone your bank or card issuer and have them investigate the matter for you. 

While only your bank or card issuer can determine the reason, please see below for possible causes of declined or rejected charges: 

  1. Blocks on International transactions – while Rochen does provide our US hosting service via our Dallas datacentre, and we charge in USD, our payment processing is handled via the United Kingdom, as we are a UK Limited company. Your bank or card issuer may have a block in place to prevent automated International transactions. Typically they can lift this for you, upon your request. This is a common issue with many US banks. 
  2. Card not present – you or your bank may have restrictions on transactions that take place without the physical card being present. 
  3. Mismatch of contact information – Our system uses your primary contact information when transmitting payment and charge details. If your bank or card issuer requires an exact match of contact information, then you’ll want to ensure that your primary My Rochen details are updated accordingly. 
  4. High Fraud Alert – there are certain times of year when online spending is more frequent than others. This increases the chance of fraudulent credit card use which, in turn, can heighten bank security measures. Your make may simply be taking precautions to keep your account safe from fraud, while unintentionally blocking legitimate charge requests (like your Rochen hosting fees). 

In all of the above cases, your best best is to contact your bank or card issuer and have them investigate the issue for you.

Once they have resolved whatever the issue may have been, you can attempt to process the invoice again via your My Rochen account. 

Another possible reason for an unsuccessful charge may be that your card on file has expired. If you’re receiving daily email notifications in regards to failed billing attempts, this may be the cause. You can check and update your credit card information via your My Rochen account at any time. Our system will automatically attempt to process the charge once it receives your newly saved card data. 

In the meantime, please know that we encourage you to contact us via Billing Support ticket so that we can assist you as best as possible. We do provide a 5 day default extension period on all unpaid invoices, before automated suspension occurs. If a little more time is required, to resolve an issue with the bank, we’re typically able to provide some flexibility within reason.

So please do open a ticket, anytime, for any kind of billing concern. 

Updated on April 28, 2021

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