Site Booster Resource Upgrade

Please note that the Site Booster Resource Upgrade option is currently only available for Premium Web Hosting One Site, Multiple Sites, and Reseller plans.

What is Site Booster?

Site Booster, by Rochen, is a resource enhancement configuration that you can have added to any of your Rochen-hosted websites on a Premium Web Hosting Plan. Site Booster is applied on a per-site basis to individual cPanel accounts.

By default, all accounts within Rochen’s shared hosting environment are allocated 512MB of RAM and 150,000 inodes.

If your website is running processes that require more than the allocated 512MB RAM then you may experience degraded performance. Performance degradation may include symptoms such as slow page load speed and possibly unavailability of your site due to timeouts. It can also impact your rankings with popular search engines, including Google.

If you exceed the 150,000 inode limit, then you will not be able to create any more files. High inodes usage can be due to factors such as a large site, lots of cache files or stored email messages.

These restrictions occur automatically because the resources are being throttled, to ensure that other sites – any others that you have – as well as anyone else’s, on the shared server are not affected.

We understand these symptoms can be frustrating, and we don’t want to see the success of your site impacted due to its resource usage.

To prevent that from happening we have a simple solution available, called Site Booster, which will significantly increase the available RAM for your site. Site Booster comes in two variants, offering either 1GB or 2GB of RAM, and can be applied within minutes with no downtime or server transfer required. We also have a third ‘Burst’ option, which increases CPU resources and provides higher inodes.

Site Booster RAM and vCPU Upgrade Allocations

ConfigurationRAM AllocationIncreasevCPUsIncrease
Site Booster 1GB1GB100%10%
Site Booster 2GB2GB400%10%
Site Booster “Burst”2GB400%2100%

Site Booster Inode Upgrade Allocations

ConfigurationInodes AllocationIncrease
Site Booster 1GB200,00033%
Site Booster 2GB250,00066%
Site Booster “Burst”300,000100%

Site Booster Pricing

The various Site Booster options can be added for an affordable monthly fee*. For Site Booster ‘Burst’ pricing please refer to the My Rochen customer portal or contact our billing team.

Site Booster 1GB$4.95£3.95€4.50
Site Booster 2GB$6.95£5.50€6.50
Site Booster “Burst”$9.95£7.95€8.50

*If you’re on a billing cycle longer than monthly, we will pro-rate your fee to the end of your current billing cycle. However, if you prefer to be billed for site booster on a month-to-month basis, simply let us know in your ticket when confirming your Booster preference.

How Do I Add Site Booster to My Sites?

To add Site Booster to any of your websites, you’d just need to open a technical support ticket with your request. Our friendly 24/7 support team will be able to assist you.

If you aren’t sure if Site Booster is right for your needs and would like more information, simply note this in your ticket and we will be happy to perform a complimentary performance audit for you.

Updated on April 21, 2022

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