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Update or Re-enter Credit Card Information

To update the credit card you have on file with Rochen please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account at https://my.rochen.com
  2. From the main My Rochen dashboard, scroll down until you get to the area with Billing options, titled “Account & Billing”. This can also be found in the left side navigation under “Account & Billing -> Account Settings”.
  3. Click on the ‘credit card’ icon. From there you’ll be able to add your credit card information.
  4. Enter your full card number and expiry date, then enter the authentication code provided to you by your bank.
  5. Once you update your credit card information, our system will be able to process the invoice. If this doesn’t occur right away, please open a ticket to let us know. Alternatively, you can manually process the invoice from within the account.
  6. Upon successful payment you will receive a ‘Card Payment Confirmation’ email with a copy of the paid invoice attached.
  7. If the charge didn’t go through, you’ll receive a ‘Card Payment Failed’ email that will outline various possible reasons for the declined charge and steps you can take to resolve the issue. We also have documentation that covers various reasons for declined charges, as well as how to resolve them.

If you encounter issues updating your credit card information, please open a Billing support ticket with a detailed description of the issue, and our team will be happy to assist and troubleshoot. For your security, please do not provide us with your credit card information via Ticket, Email, Sales Chat, or any communication channel. Credit card details should only ever be entered in the specified area (noted in step 2 above) of the encrypted My Rochen Portal. 

Updated on April 2, 2024

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