Premium Web Hosting vs. Newer Plans

Our Premium Web Hosting (PWH) solutions have been a popular choice among all different types of website owners/managers. For sale from 2015 through 2020, they offered a number of great features.

Building on the success of PWH plans, in 2020 we launched a new series of plans – including our Solo, Growth, Pro, and Reseller plans, with all of the great features of PWH, plus more! 

While the PWH plans remain a great option for many clients, and those clients are welcome to continue with those plans as long as they wish, lots of people have been asking us the difference between the two types of plans and whether or not they should make the switch. To help in that decision process, we put together this article to highlight the key differences as well as common features. 

Features Exclusive to the New Plans: 

The following features apply exclusively to the plans in our new tier. To see a list of features common to both PWH and the new plans, click here or read through to the section below.

Ultrafast and Redundant VMware vSAN Storage

Rochen’s compute infrastructure has been powered by VMware for some time now. With these new plans, we are taking things a step further by upgrading the storage infrastructure to VMware vSAN. vSAN is a software-defined distributed storage platform meaning that your data is hosted across multiple physical servers while also being stored locally to the compute infrastructure serving your sites.

Major benefits of a distributed storage platform like vSAN are that not only is the storage redundant, so that in the event of a server failure your data is still available, but data can also be read locally providing a significant performance benefit over traditional SANs where data has to pass over the network to the compute infrastructure before it can be served to visitors to your website. vSAN provides the redundancy of a traditional SAN combined with fast local storage performance. To enhance performance even further, Rochen has architected the underlying hardware of our vSAN storage arrays using SSD drives backed by an even faster NVMe accelerated caching layer.

Node.js Support Added

A growing number of customers have been asking us to provide support for Node.js, an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment that executes JavaScript code outside of a web browser, and with these new plans we are pleased to now be able to offer full support for it. All four of Rochen’s new plans provide the latest Node.js LTS version 14.x (with support for 15.x coming soon). We have also made available legacy Node.js versions including 12.18 and 11.15 as well. You’ll be able to easily set up Node.js web applications through the “Setup Node.js” option in the Rochen provided cPanel.

Dual-Stack IPv4 and IPv6 Routing

Rochen is proud to be a member of both the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) in North America and the RIPE Network Coordination Centre in Europe. Through both organizations, we have obtained direct IPv6 address allocations. With our new plans sites are routed and reachable using both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Web Host Manager (WHM) Account

Our Growth, Pro, and Reseller plan all include access to your Web Host Manager (WHM) Account. Through WHM you can create your own packages to make use of the resources allocated to your plan. Then, when you add a new domain to your hosting, you can assign it a package that will ensure a default amount of storage as well as LVE limits. This comes in addition to still being able to add and remove domains via your My Rochen account. 

Dedicated IP Addresses

Our new Pro and Reseller plans both come with a dedicated IPv4 address. This means that sites hosted on these plans will not share an IP address with other Rochen customers. A dedicated IP address can be particularly useful, especially for business users, where email deliverability rates are important. All email messages sent by customers on these plans will go out from their own dedicated IP address so messages are less likely to be flagged by spam filters. All of the new plans receive dedicated IPv6 addresses.

Pooled Systems Resources

By taking advantage of Linux Virtual Environments (LVEs), a kernel-level technology developed by CloudLinux, all of our new plans now come with a generous pool of systems resources (vCPU, RAM and Inodes) in addition to the SSD quota. All plans include unmetered data transfer and are not limited by arbitrary caps like the number of page views. If hosting multiple sites, customers can configure their sites to be unrestricted and use the pool of systems resources as needed or can they set limits for each site to ensure that one site can’t use the entire pool and cause performance issues for other sites under the same plan. This is particularly useful for the likes of web designers or developers reselling hosting. Either way, the pool of resources is there for each customer to use and is segregated from other Rochen customers.

Generous Inodes Allocations

We wanted to give inodes a separate and special mention as it is something a lot of mass-market hosting providers are rather restrictive over. Every file under an account (e.g. an image, JavaScript file or email message) consumes one inode. One inode = one file. With our Solo plan, we are providing 150,000 inodes and with our Growth, Pro and Reseller plans we are providing 300,000 inodes per site. Yes, that’s per site and not total for the plan. For example, if you are hosting 5 sites under the Growth plan each will be allocated 300,000 inodes for a generous total of 1,500,000 inodes. 

Features Exclusive to PWH Plans: 

The following features apply exclusively to the plans in our older Premium Web Hosting tier. To see a list of features common to both PWH and the new plans, click here or read through to the section below.

Scaling/Adding Storage

With your Premium Web Hosting plan you have the option of scaling storage above the default limit. This is done in increments of 1GB. Scaled storage is invoiced in addition to regular renewal fees. More information about how to scale your PWH storage can be found here

Site Booster add-on Option

Premium Web Hosting plans provide the option to add our Site Booster add-on to individual websites. Site Booster provides added LVE resources (RAM, vCPU) to a website. More information on adding site Booster can be found here

Clients on our newer tier of plans have higher default LVE limits, and more robust overall plan upgrade options, eliminating the need for the Site Booster add-on

Common Features Between PWH and New Plans: 

  • LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server
  • LSCache + cache management plugins for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento
  • Ultrafast PHP 7.4 (with PHP 8 coming soon)
  • Staging Tools for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates
  • Immunify360 Malware Detection and Cleanup
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) Protection
  • SSH, SFTP, Git and phpMyAdmin for easy development
  • WP-CLI for WordPress, Drush for Drupal and Magento CLI
  • Complete Email Service with Spam Experts Protection
  • 100% Carbon Offsetting through Green Mountain Energy
  • Highly Knowledgable and Friendly 24/7 Technical Support
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee


Updated on April 21, 2022

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