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Credit Card Declined/Billing Overdue Notice

At Rochen we are very easy to work with and we understand that problems with credit cards will arise from time to time. We are not the type of provider who will immediately jump on the suspension button as soon as your credit card is declined. Rochen allows a five (5) day grace period on invoices from the original due date before your account will be suspended.

If your credit card is declined then our system will automatically send a warning message to the email address that we have listed on file for you. For this reason it is very important that you keep your contact information updated with us at all times, and also ensure that our [email protected] email address is not blocked or filtered in your email account.

When processing an invoice, Rochen will receive either a “success” or a “refused” response, through our payment gateway (WorldPay) from your credit card issuer.

These are the most common reasons that you may receive an overdue billing or failed payment email from Rochen:

1) Insufficient Funds: Your credit card has insufficient funds available for us to process the charge. We’re not specifically given this information, as it is confidential between you and your card issuer. However, if you’re aware of any reason why you may have insufficient funds, then this is likely the cause of the failed payment processing.

2) Expired Card: The credit card we have listed on file for you may have expired. If this is the case, then please update your card information via My Rochen at: https://my.rochen.com with a new card.

3) Card Issuer Block: Credit card issuers will sometimes decline legitimate transactions if they look suspicious, or if they are outside of your normal spending patterns, to help protect you from fraudulent use of your card.

You should contact your card issuer to assure them that charges from Rochen are legitimate and then contact us to reprocess the charge.

4) International Transaction: When you contact your card issuer, it is a good idea to mention that Rochen’s charges attempts are sent to them via the United Kingdom.

Some banks and card issuers outside of the UK may automatically block “International” charges. Our charges may be considered International even if you have a US hosting plan (via our Dallas, Texas datacentre) billed in USD.

If you need some time to resolve a payment issue, or if you have a special billing request, please open a Billing support ticket in your account at https://my.rochen.com to discuss with our Billing team.

Updated on April 28, 2021

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