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CSR Generation Process

In order to purchase a SSL certificate, you will first need Rochen to generated a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) for you.

Please open a support ticket with the following details, which will allow us to generate the CSR:

1. The exact domain (CN) the certificate is for (e.g. www.domain.com):
2. Street address (number and street name)
3. City:
4. State / Province / Territory (no abbreviation):
5. 2 Letter Country Abbreviation (using ISO 3166-1 Format):
6. Postal/Zip code
7. Company Name:
8. Email Address – this must be a generic email address connected to the domain for which the certificate is being issued, such as admin@, administrator@, postmaster@, hostmaster@ or webmaster@. It cannot be a personalized email address.
9. Certificate Password (choose a random, secure password containing only numbers and letters, 12-18 characters long. e.g. “85HqImqvyDrD” meets the requirements, but “Star6060#” does not):

Once we’ve generated the CSR, we will update your ticket with a copy.

If you are purchasing your SSL certificate from Rochen, simply confirm in your ticket and we’ll get the certificate ordered and installed for you.

If you are purchasing your certificate from a third party – once you have used the CSR to purchase an SSL certificate, simply update the original CSR support ticket and provide a copy of the certificate file so that we can install it for you.

Important: The server type you will need to obtain the certificate for is “Apache + ModSSL” or “cPanel” (Base64 encoded X.509 format).

Updated on June 8, 2022

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