When it comes to your Joomla 5 websites, optimizing performance and security should be at the top of your priority list. With the ever-increasing threats and the need for faster site load times, it’s essential to have a solid Joomla 5 web hosting solution in place.

At Rochen, we have always strongly supported the Joomla community and development initiatives–through our decades-long sponsorship, highly optimized hosting service, and expert team. Since 2005, when Open Source Matters (OS) first launched Joomla 1.0, we have provided fast and robust hosting for the official Joomla sites.

We Support Joomla 5 Requirements

Many hosting providers are choosing not to support the required MySQL or MariaDB versions for Joomla 5 web hosting and have moved toward exclusively supporting other Content Management Systems.

Comparatively, at Rochen, we are proud to continue supporting Joomla. We provide a reliable environment for all Joomla versions from 1.5 to 5. Because we support and maintain multiple versions of PHP, from 5.3 to the current 8.3 (and beyond), and meet all database requirements, even your older Joomla sites will run seamlessly alongside your Joomla 5 sites on our hosting plans.

And, yes, you can still host your WordPress, Drupal, Magento, and other sites here, too, even on the same plan. We’re here to support all the best tools and applications for you in one place.

Easy Joomla Web Hosting Set-up

With minimal effort, you can sign up for a Rochen hosting plan today and have a secure and performance-focused hosting environment for your Joomla 5 site. All of our Joomla hosting plans are optimized. You just need to choose the plan that best fits the number of sites you’re looking to host and your other resource needs. Questions about what plan to choose? Contact us any time. Our in-house sales team will respond quickly with recommendations and answer any other questions.

In addition to our Solo, Growth, Pro and Reseller plans, we can fully optimize our Managed Cloud Servers (MCS) for Joomla 5. Our dedicated MCS platform is an ideal hosting solution for larger and enterprise sites needing more resources or special customizations.

Have an Existing Joomla site?

We’re pleased to provide up to ten free website migrations from any other provider included with our plans. Our experienced team will ensure all your data is migrated and that the server settings and permissions are correct. When migration is complete, we continue guiding you while you update DNS and test your new plan. You can count on us for a seamless migration without interrupting your sites.

Planning a Brand New Joomla site?

If you’re starting from scratch, choose our convenient Joomla installer during checkout for a smooth and seamless setup. We will automatically install Joomla 5 for you.

Is This Just for New Customers?

Our fully managed Joomla hosting is for everybody. Most existing customers are already on servers that fully support all Joomla versions, including Joomla 5, while legacy customers may require a free migration; please open a support ticket via the My Rochen customer portal anytime to request this.

Joomla 5 Hosting Features

When your hosting plan is active and your website is up and running, you can use our convenient Joomla web hosting utilities to maintain and manage everything:

  • Take advantage of cloning and staging environments to test new plugins and code before pushing them live.
  • Automated daily backups are included. Additionally, a simple backup wizard provides functionality to help you get into the routine of taking site backups to store locally.
  • Robust and user-friendly Imunify360, with specific Web Application Firewall (WAF) rules for Joomla, keeps your sites safe and secure and fends off malware.
  • With Git and SVN pre-installed for version control, easily connect your Rochen account to repositories such as GitHub or GitLab and make pull or push requests.

Sign up Today and Save 30%

Annual sign-ups of our Joomla hosting plans provide a 30% discount off the recurring rate for the first year.

In summary, with the great features mentioned above and the option of registering or transferring your domain names, you will be up and running with your Joomla 5 web hosting in no time, all under one roof at Rochen.
Reach out anytime if you have questions. We look forward to connecting with you and continuing our steadfast support for Joomla’s diverse and global community.