Affiliate Program

Terms of Service:

No parasites, SPAM activity, or other activity deemed malicious or harmful to affiliates is allowed in our network, at our sole discretion. You may only use ethical and lawful marketing tools.

You may not use your own affiliate link to sign up for Rochen’s service.

Commission payouts are made between the 15th – 30th of each month.

Your referral must remain a customer and their account in good standing for a period of 60 days before commission is credited. For example, if you referred a customer on May 7th then your commission would be paid between July 15th - 25th.

You are required to hold a PayPal account in order to receive your commission as a payment.

If you prefer to receive commission as Rochen account credit, to offset your own hosting costs, you must ensure that option is selected in your affiliate profile in the My Rochen portal.

Acceptance into the affiliate program is at Rochen’s sole discretion. Completing the registration process does not guarantee acceptance.

Rochen reserves the right to make changes to commission rates at any time.