Hello, we’re Rochen

We Never Outsource

At Rochen, we believe in getting the job done right every time.
That’s why we handle everything, from infrastructure, to support, directly in house.

Independently Owned

In an age where small businesses are often consumed by larger conglomerates, especially in the hosting industry, at Rochen we are proud to maintain our status as an entirely independently owned and operated hosting provider. We own our server hardware, switches, and server racks. Unlike many providers, we never lease equipment from anyone else. This gives us full control over the infrastructure, so that we can ensure the highest level of service to our clients.

In-house Support

Our Support team is comprised of global hosting experts, available 24/7, to provide you with professional, courteous, and efficient support. Never outsourced, our support team members work directly for Rochen, with over 5 years experience, each, in the hosting industry. Our certified engineering team members are also on call 24/7, to ensure that any escalated issues are immediately dealt with, often resolving situations before our clients can feel any burden.


Open Source Commitment

Green Hosting


Rewards with Rochen

We provide all of our clients an opportunity to take advantage of our hassle-free affiliates program. Earn easy commissions just for referring your friends, family, and clients, to use our hosting service. Payment is made after 60 days, and paid by PayPal.