Updating Nameservers at Rochen

Please note that this article applies only to domain names that have been transferred to, or are registered in, your My Rochen customer account. For domains names registered with other registrars, you’d need to refer to their documentation.

If you have a domain name that you have transferred to, or registered via, your My Rochen account, you can update your Namservers via the Manage Domain Names section. 

Let’ begin…

  1. Locate the Manage Domain Names section from the My Rochen Dashboard menu, and then click on “Manage” beside the domain whose nameservers you wish to update: 
  2. Now click on the “Manage” link beside the nameservers: 
  3. On the next screen, double check what the current nameservers are listed as. 
    1. If you want to use Rochen Nameservers, but they’re not listed in the input boxes, then hit the “Use Rochen Namservers” radial button and then click “update namservers”
    2. If you want to use something other than Rochen Namservers, then click on the “Use Custom Nameservers” option and enter your custom nameservers in the boxes. 
    3. If you are a Rochen Reseller, and have private label nameservers registered via your Rochen account, then those will show as an option to choose from as well. 
Updated on April 28, 2021

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