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ClientExec Installation Procedure

Roche provides a free ClientExec license with all Premium Web Hosting plans, legacy Reseller plans, Managed Cloud Servers, Managed Virtual Servers, and Managed Dedicated Servers.

To obtain your license, and activate it, please refer to the steps below.

Part A: Activate License

Client Exec uses a licensing system to control installations of the product. In order to activate your license you will need to open a Technical Support ticket with our Help Desk at: https://my.rochen.com. You should include the following important details in the ticket

1) The domain name that you wish to install client exec under. E.g. my.yourdomain.com, support.yourdomain.com, helpdesk.yourdomain.com etc. A license can only be issued for a subdomain of your primary domain and not the primary domain alone.

2) Details of the server you are hosted on and your main reseller account username.

Part B: Installing Client Exec

Download Files

Once you have activated your Client Exec license with Rochen you can proceed with the installation process. You can download the latest stable version of Client Exec directly from: https://www.clientexec.com/download.php. Please ensure you download the correct file; you will need to download the file with the words “Ioncube” in the file name.

Installation Process

1) You should proceed to unzip the contents of your compressed ClientExec ZIP.

2) Connect via FTP to the account you will be running Client Exec under and upload all of the files from the Client Exec ZIP file.

3) After you have successfully uploaded all of the files to your account, point your web browser to: http://yourceurl/install.php and click Install to start the installation script. You should follow the on-screen instructions until completion. You’ll need to configure Client Exec to connect to a database that you’ve already created in cPanel using the “MySQL Database Wizard”.

4) Once the installation has completed you should remove the install.php file from your account for security purposes.

Alternate Part B: We can help!

If you would prefer not to handle Option B yourself, please let our staff know in your ticket. We’ll be happy to handle the installation for you!

Updated on April 28, 2021

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