Overview: Parked Domains

A parked domain allows you to point a domain at a server and have it “mirror” an existing one. You “park” the domain on top of the existing domain.

If you have domain.com on a server, and park domain2.com on top of it, when you go to domain2.com you’ll get the content for domain.com. It’s useful if you have a domain that is commonly misspelled, and you register multiple misspelled versions of it.

Example: You own the business.com and innovation.com domain names. You already have a web site for business.com, but you do not want to create a new web site for innovation.com at the moment. By parking innovation.com on top of business.com, all URLs for innovation.com will automatically go to business.com instead.

How to park domains

We’ll need to park domains for you if you have a Legacy Shared Hosting plan, or a Premium Web Hosting plan, please submit a technical support ticket.

Legacy resellers would park domains by using the “Park a Domain” feature in WHM. Also cPanel contains a ‘parked domains’ menu if you are using the ‘x3’ skin and need to manage or remove existing parked domains. You will need to point the parked domain to the same nameservers as the ‘real’ domain.

Parked domains and email:

You will have the option in cPanel of creating separate mailboxes or forwarders once the domain is parked.

Parked domains and subdomains?

It is also possible to park a domain name/FQDN on top of a subdomain.

Updated on April 28, 2021

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