Currently Rochen has all of our servers located in Dallas, Texas in the United States at a truly fantastic facility called Colo4Dallas. As many of you may be aware from discussions with our team at events like Joomla Day UK, a couple of months ago, and in threads at our own customer forums, we will be launching UK hosting services as well very soon. This means you will be able to choose to host on either a US or UK server with Rochen.

Yesterday we executed a contract to take data centre floor space, connectivity and power in a brand new facility near London, England with a highly respected provider called Gyron Internet. As is the case in the US with our UK hosting setup Rochen will own outright all of the servers and network switches we deploy, allowing us full end-to-end control over the service. Rochen very much focuses on “performance hosting” so this type of control is critical.

The new UK data centre uses the latest enclosed hot isle technology allowing for increased density per square foot and reduced environmental impact in line with our green hosting initiatives. All aspects of the new facility including connectivity, cooling and power are fully redundant to a minimum of N+1 or 2N standards. We will maintain redundant network drops using Cisco’s Hot-Standby Router Protocol (HSRP) to all cabinets (as we do in the US already) and will maintain dual Power Supply Units (PSUs) in every server connected to separate and fully redundant Power Distribution Units (PDUs) with A+B circuits.

Connectivity will be amongst the very best of any UK or European hosting offering with redundant fiber rings running from the data centre to both Telecity Sovereign House and Telehouse North in London Docklands. We will maintain bandwidth to Tiscali, Interoute, NTT/Verio and Global Crossing. Additionally we will have direct peering to the London Internet Exchange (LINX) and Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMX-IX). This means that you will be able to reach a website hosted by Rochen UK within one hop from virtually any major Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the UK or Europe.

When we got asked about pricing for the UK service a few months ago we didn’t really want to get into a discussion about it. This was mainly because we didn’t know what our own exact cost base was going to be at the time and also to try and keep expectations measured. Well I am pleased to announce today some extremely aggressive pricing for our UK offering very much in line with the US pricing. All of the UK plans will come with the same great features we include with our US offering including Rochen Vault managed backups.

Rochen UK Hosting Pricing (billed monthly in British Pounds) –

Starter Plan – £4.95

Multiple Domain Hosting Plan 1 – £8.95

Multiple Domain Hosting Plan 2 – £12.95

Multiple Domain Hosting Plan 3 – £17.95

Reseller Hosting Plan 1 – £19.95

Reseller Hosting Plan 2 – £24.95

Reseller Hosting Plan 3 – £29.95

Reseller Hosting Plan 4 – £34.95

Reseller Hosting Plan 5 – £39.95

Managed Virtual Server (MVS) – £99.95

Free account setup. No minimum contract. Above pricing excludes VAT.

We expect to launch the Rochen UK hosting service around the second week of June. At that time you will see the Rochen website change slightly with a “UK version” released. Our entire team is extremely excited about this new offering and we look forward to working with everyone to grow our UK and European business over the coming months and years.

– Chris

Chris Adams is the Founder and CEO of Rochen, a web hosting provider specializing in providing a performance tuned hosting platform for dynamic database driven scripts.