Wendy RobinsonHave you ever wished you could upgrade your Joomla installation with the click of a button? What about being able to quickly fix all of your Joomla file and directory permissions without manually checking each one? Have you been locked out of your website and wanted an easy way to reset your Joomla super administrator password?

Now you can do all of this and more directly through your Rochen account’s cPanel interface. Recently you may have noticed a new addition to your cPanel options called “Joomla Utilities”.

This cPanel plug-in is an additional Joomla Hosting feature exclusive  to Rochen that will allow you to easily install, upgrade, maintain and enhance the security of your Joomla websites. Currently you will see the “Joomla Utilities” option in your cPanel but we must advise that at this time it is still in BETA. However, we’re excited about these new features and we couldn’t wait any longer to give you a preview.

Some of the Joomla Utilities features include: –

  • Simple Joomla installation tool that unlike other “auto installers” always installs the latest stable version of Joomla
  • Ability to install multiple Joomla installations to your secondary domains,  sub domains and sub directories
  • Automatic security hardening for new Joomla installs
  • Reset the password for any Super Administrator account under a Joomla site
  • Update the Joomla Core in a single easy step
  • Security tweaks that prevent arbitrary scripts from running
  • File and Directory Permission optimization / repair tool – useful if moving a Joomla site to Rochen from another host
  • Easily password protect your Joomla Administrator panel
  • Joomla sites that were not initially installed using the “Joomla Utilities” feature can still be managed and updated
  • The “Joomla Utilities” are built directly into your Rochen account’s cPanel so there is no third-party extension to install or maintain under Joomla meaning zero hassle
  • White labeled so that resellers can offer Joomla Utilities to their own clients without Rochen being visible

We’ve prepared a short five minute demonstration video that we encourage you to watch: –

As soon as the Joomla Utilities are ready for use on live and production websites we will let you know. In the meantime, as always, keep those sites secure and up to date! A great way to stay informed and prevent possible compromises to your sites is  to follow the Joomla Security Mailing List, and the Vulnerable Extensions List.

Rochen are working to add an additional range of features to the Joomla Utilities over the coming months. We welcome any comments or feedback you may have regarding the current feature set.

Update: Please see our recent blog post with the new Joomla Utilities features: The choice to install Joomla 1.5 or Joomla 1.6 as well as the ability to migrate a Joomla website (1.5 or 1.6) from another host to your Rochen hosting account!

– Wendy

P.S. The “Joomla Utilities” option is available on all Rochen’s shared servers so is ready for immediate use by Business Hosting and Reseller Hosting customers. Managed Virtual Server (MVS) and full Managed Server customers can request this be installed on your server at no extra charge by opening a technical support ticket via the My Rochen customer portal.