Brad Baker

I can’t hold back any more, I’m seeing still, so many people who do not keep their Joomla sites up to date, and then end up being exploited/compromised and cause more stress to themselves.. so.. again.. please Keep Your Joomla Sites Updated and Secure!

A simply way to do this, and with minimal effort is to use this great free component: Update Manager for Joomla! – Joomla! Extensions Directory – it will enable you to update your site, all from your Joomla backend. What could be easier?

BTW It’s not just Joomla that needs to be kept up to date, but any scripts you run. Joomla, along with scripts like WordPress are very popular and as a result attract the ‘script kiddies’ and others who once a patch is released, work out how to scan for compromised sites and exploit … YOU.

So, avoid being blacklisted by Google, avoid the downtime and pain involved with recovering from a site compromise, and simply Keep Your Joomla Sites Updated and Secure!

If you are in the unfortunate situation where you’ve been ‘driving a racing car without a helmet or seat belt’ aka not bothering to Keep Your Joomla Sites Updated and Secure and your site has been compromised, please see the following articles: How do I use Rochen Vault? and My site has been compromised, help!

– Brad

Brad Baker has been a member of the Rochen team since early 2003 and is a founding member of the Joomla! Open Source Project. He currently is part of the Joomla LeadershipTeam, and also blogs here.