Server Firewall Blocks

You may see a message indicating that your connection to the server has been blocked in the servers firewall. This article explains what that means.

Rochen provides protection against a number of different server/account attacks, however at times you may see a message that indicates your own IP address has been blocked for this reason.


If you have an email client that is attempting to check email more than once per minute or a user who attempts repeatedly to login to your cPanel/WHM using the wrong credentials in a short time period, your IP address may be blocked. Initially, a temporary block will be put in place, and if the attempts continue, a longer (days) permanent block will be put in place.

Please note the following limits apply on all shared server accounts: Each email address must only be checked 60 times per hour, per IP address.

Additionally, there are other monitored resources on the server that can trigger a ban on your IP, if server software determines that your IP is interacting in an abusive way with the aforementioned resources.

What can you do?

You will need to open a ticket with our Technical Support Department. When opening a ticket, please ensure you provide us with your IP address as listed on the webpage indicating that you have been blocked by the servers firewall.

Updated on April 28, 2021

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