MDS Billing Cycle Options & Payment Methods

Managed Dedicated Servers (MDS) and Managed Virtual Servers (MVS) are invoiced monthly, by default.

Each month, on your billing date, our automated billing system will generate an invoice and process it to your credit card on file.

We understand that some of our MDS and MVS clients may prefer to pay on a semi-annual or annual basis, and we are happy to accommodate in those cases.

We do also offer the option of paying via BACS (wire transfer) or cheque/check to our MDS and MVS clients who would like to pay longer terms in advance.

Some important notes regarding BACS and cheque/check payments:

  1. As noted, these options are only available to MDS, and MVS (and MCS) clients who wish to pay for longer billing cycles up front, rather than monthly payment.
  2. Cheque/check payments in USD or EUR incur a service charge of $50.00 USD or €40.00 EUR, and must be sent an estimated 4 weeks in advance. If sent from outside fo the UK, we do request a postal or courier tracking number. To avoid these issues, please consider BACS/wire transfer payment instead. Please do not mail a cheque/check without first discussing with our team via Billing support ticket. 
  3. BACS and cheque/check payments are non-refundable.

If you would like to change your MDS to MVS billing cycle to semi-annual or annual, and/or change your payment method, please open a Billing support ticket to discuss.

Updated on April 28, 2021

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