MCS Billing Cycle & Payment Options

Managed Cloud Servers (MCS) are invoiced on the 1st of each month. This is to ensure that any optional scaling is accurately and fairly accounted for. For full details about MCS charges, please see this article, or open a Billing support ticket so that we may assist.

For regular monthly payments, Rochen is only able to accept payment via credit card, debit-credit card, or UK issued debit only card. More information about our payment methods can be found here.

However, we understand that monthly credit card payment may not always be convenient for our MCS clients. As such we do offer the option of paying via BACS (wire transfer), or via cheque/check, in cases where a client would like to pay a larger sum either once or twice per year.

The process

The following is a breakdown of how this option works:

  1. Client can request an invoice for 6 or 12 months at the *estimated monthly rate of their MCS, via billing support ticket.
  2. Rochen billing staff will generate an invoice for the 6 or 12 month amount, and provide it to the client along with our BACS details and/or our billing office address
  3. Client submits payment via their financial institution, or couriers their cheque/check, and notifies Rochen via their billing ticket that payment has been sent
  4. Once payment is received by Rochen, the invoice is marked “paid” and the total amount is then converted to account credit.
  5. The MCS monthly invoices are then processed using the account credit balance instead of a credit/debit card.

Important factors to note

There are some factors that should be carefully considered before opting to use this payment method:

  1. When requesting your 6 or 12 month invoice, be sure that your request includes a large enough sum to account for any optional secondary services that you may have, such as third party licenses (LiteSpeed, CloudLinux, etc).
  2. Your monthly invoices may fluctuate if you make use of optional scaling. As such a requested 12 month invoice at your current rate may not quite cover a full 12 months if your resource usage increases. Or, it may cover more then 12 months if usage decreases.
  3. BACS and cheque/check payments are non-refundable.
  4. This is considered a manual payment option, since we are generating an invoice manually.  Our automated billing system has no way to notify you of a low credit balance. It is important to set yourself a reminder to request a new 6 or 12 month invoice in future, to ensure that the credit balance is always sufficient to cover monthly charges. You’re also welcome to request that we add a staff reminder to your billing ticket, for a specific future date, so that we can update your ticket at that time to notify you if a new invoice/payment is needed.
  5. Cheque/check payments in USD or EUR incur a service charge of $50.00 USD or €40.00 EUR, and must be sent an estimated 4 weeks in advance. If sent from outside fo the UK, we do request a postal or courier tracking number. To avoid these sisues, please consider BACS/wire transfer payment instead. Please do not mail a cheque/check without first discussing with our team via Billing support ticket. 

Please never hesitate to let us know, via Billing support ticket, if you have any questions or concerns.

Please note that this article, and payment option, is applicable only to MCS clients. For information about shared hosting accepted payment options, please see here 

Updated on April 28, 2021

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