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How Does the Affiliate Program Work?

The Rochen affiliate program has been made as simple as possible.

Step 1

Join the affiliate program. Guess what? If you’re already hosting with Rochen, then you’re already enrolled! You can find your unique referral link at the top of your My Rochen portal Dashboard:

Step 2

Send your unique referral link to anyone who’d like to signup with Rochen. Optionally, you can place banners on your site.

Tracking cookies are valid for 90 days.

Step 3

Earn up to $100 for any referral and get paid by PayPal or a Rochen account credit.

Affiliate Benefits

Leading Commissions

Earn up to $100 for referring a single customer to Rochen. There is no minimum number of referrals before you receive payment. Commissions can be applied as either an account credit, to be used to your own hosting invoices, or paid to you as cash through PayPal.

Easily Refer Your Friends

Simply send your friends or associates your unique referral link and have them sign up with Rochen. You’ll be automatically credited for their signup. You can also easily locate this link at any time by logging into the My Rochen Portal. Tracking cookies are valid for 90 days.

Beautiful Banners For Your Site

Through the referral program, you get access to the same professionally designed creatives used in our own Facebook and Google advertising campaigns. Use these to link to your unique referral link from your own website and get credited for anyone who signs up, whether you know them or not.

Easy Management

The referral program is built directly into the My Rochen portal, where you can track referrals you’ve made and check the payout status. This is also where you can download all of Rochen’s creatives.


Great commissions even for a single referral, with seamless payment via PayPal or as a Rochen account credit.

Premium Web Hosting – One Site$30 | £25
Premium Web Hosting – Multiple Sites$60 | £35
Managed Cloud Server$100 | £65
Updated on April 21, 2022

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