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Fixing MySQL database error: Can’t open file: table_field.MYI

This particular MySQL error normally occurs if the MySQL server encounters a problem and does not shutdown or restart cleanly. This can cause corruption of your database. Luckily in the majority of cases this can be easily fixed and we have made available a tool to help you.

If this problem occurred with your database called: ‘user1_forum’ then simply login to the cPanel for user1, click the “MySQL Databases” link from the main menu, followed by the “Repair” link next to the ‘user1_forum’ database. You should wait until the confirmation page loads and states “Repair Complete”.

You should now check your website to see if the MySQL error has disappeared. If you continue to experience a problem after performing a repair on the database then please open a support ticket with us via My Rochen at: https://my.rochen.com and we will be happy to investigate the issue in more detail for you.

Updated on April 28, 2021

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