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Delete Large Amounts of Email Without Downloading Via WebMail

If you have a lot of email messages within an account and would like to remove them all without having to download all the messages to your email client or have to manually remove them via web mail then you can either remove the entire email account via cPanel and then re-add it or follow the below guidelines. Please note, that to perform this task you will require some intermediate knowledge of either FTP or SSH.

Login via FTP or SSH to your account, navigate to the “mail” folder and then the “domain.com” folder where “domain.com” is your domain name. E.g. if your domain was johnsmithconsturction.com then the folder would be named “johnsmithconsturction.com”. Once inside that folder, you will find a folder representing all of the email addresses you have added under your domain. Open the folder representing the email address you want to delete the messages for. Once inside that folder, double check to make sure you are in the right location. If you are sure, then remove all the files within this directory.

Important: This will remove all messages stored under this account (including any sent items, trash etc. stored under web mail). If you simply wish to remove messages collected by the “Spam Box” system then only remove the file named “spam”.

Alternatively: Simply delete the email account in question and recreate it with the password of your choice. When deleting an email account all mail will be removed automatically.

If you should require any help or would like any clarification then please let us know by opening a support ticket via My Rochen at: https://my.rochen.com.

Updated on April 28, 2021

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