Premium Web Hosting Uptime Guarantee

This uptime guarantee applies to Rochen’s premium shared hosting services for customers who signed up for a new plan on or after March 1st 2015. This does not apply to any other services including legacy shared hosting services.

Monthly HTTP UptimeService Credit
100% - 99.9%No Credit
99.9% - 99.5%5%
99.5% - 99%10%
99% - 98%15%
98% - 95%25%
Less than 95%100%

Exceptions to Uptime Guarantee

The above uptime guarantee does not apply in the event of scheduled or emergency maintenance. Scheduled maintenance is an event, which results in an outage and is scheduled by Rochen at least 24 hours in advance. Emergency maintenance is an unscheduled event, which results in an outage but is required at Rochen’s sole discretion for security or data protection reasons. Excludes connectivity issues with upstream networks or general internet routing issues outside of Rochen’s control, as well as any DoS or DDoS attack directed towards customer.

Making Claim

A claim under the uptime guarantee must be submitted as a “billing ticket” via the My Rochen customer portal at: within seven (7) days of an outage. In the event of an uptime guarantee claim and after verification by Rochen, service credits will be applied as listed. Any service credits are applied towards future invoices and cannot be provided as a refund or as credit towards existing invoices. The amount of service credits issued cannot exceed 100% of the current month (or equivalent to the current month) billable for the affected service. If the billing term is not monthly then any credit will be calculated on a monthly equivalent basis. Rochen’s internal monitoring system is the sole determination of an outage.

The Premium Web Hosting Uptime Guarantee may be amended by Rochen at anytime. In the event of a conflict between the Premium Web Hosting Uptime Guarantee and the Terms of Service Agreement (ToS) then the ToS applies.