Brad BakerRecently, while starting off my Melbourne JoomlaDay presentation I asked the following question: “Which of the Official Joomla! Sites is the busiest?” A number of people correctly answered: “The Joomla! Extensions Site!”. I thought I’d use this blog post to provide a little background information and figures we at Rochen have gathered with regard to the hosting of this site.

Bandwidth Graph for the corresponding period:

JED Traffic Graphs March 2010

Not far behind this site in terms of traffic are the as well as websites. Rochen host both of these sites as well, with hosted on a cluster of servers. Hopefully in the future I can do a similar post with more details on some of the other Official Joomla! sites we host.

I’ll leave the finer details with regard to users and extensions listed to the JED editors who will hopefully follow up this post with one of their own.

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– Brad

Brad Baker has been a member of the Rochen team since early 2003 and is a founding member of the Joomla! Open Source Project. He currently is part of the Joomla LeadershipTeam, and also blogs here. You can find him on Twitter @xyzulu