The thoughts and prayers of everyone here at Rochen are with those who have lost their lives in the terrible earthquake that struck Haiti on Tuesday, as well those people who survived this disaster but are now trying to find clean water and food and begin rebuilding their lives.

Google have posted a series of satellite images on their blog showing the truly devastating impact of this natural disaster with before and after images:

Rochen has made a donation to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) in the United Kingdom. The DEC is an umbrella organization for 13 humanitarian aid agencies, including the British Red Cross and Oxfam. These organizations are actively working to deliver immediate assistance on the ground in Haiti.

In addition to making a financial contribution towards the relief effort, Rochen counts amongst our loyal clients organizations like the World Food Program (WFP). We are working, as always, to ensure our hosting infrastructure remains operational and running at optimal performance so that organizations like the WFP can get on with the work that really matters to the Haitian people.

If you have the means to do so and would like to help with the situation in Haiti you may find the following links useful –

Thank you for reading.

– Chris

Chris Adams is the Founder and CEO of Rochen Ltd.