Happy Holidays

The entire team at Rochen wishes everyone a very Happy Holidays and a prospoerus New Year. Our team will be here to continue to support you throughout the holiday season. Our technical support team will remain available 24/7 on both Christmas Day and New Years Day. We have some exciting announcements coming in the New Year. Thank you for your business and support in 2017.


Backup and Restore WordPress Files, Folders and Content with WP-CLI

As a Rochen customer with a WordPress site, you have an excellent administrative tool called WP-CLI (WordPress Command Line Interface) already preinstalled. WP-CLI makes performing day-to-day WordPress management tasks much easier and with reduced server load under your hosting account. We’re going to show you how to use a few WP-CLI commands to effortlessly backup and restore your WordPress files, folders and content. This process can also be extremely useful for moving WordPress sites between servers or hosting accounts. How to backup your WordPress files and folders with SSH In order to use WP-CLI, you will need…

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Using wpcli with Rochen

Introduction to WP-CLI for WordPress

If you are a WordPress developer and use the command line, we have great news for you. WP-CLI is a command line tool for administering WordPress sites and it is pre-installed and available for use on Rochen’s servers. WP-CLI enables you to administer various areas of your WordPress site without touching the WordPress administration dashboard and web server. With most hosts you’d have to install and manage WP-CLI on the server yourself but with Rochen’s optimized WordPress hosting plans we take care of this burden for you. Using WP-CLI, you can manage your WordPress installations and upgrades.…


How to Use Rochen Vault to Recover Lost Files

In this blog post we’ll introduce you to the Rochen Vault backup solution and how to use Rochen Vault to restore a lost or damaged file inside your public_html folder. In addition to your site files, Rochen Vault also backs up other important account data including MySQL databases and email messages. Introducing Rochen Vault Rochen Vault is an enterprise-level backup solution which we introduced to our customers in 2007. Other shared hosting providers create backups by copying and storing your website files. Rochen Vault takes a different approach. We instead create a block-by-block copy of the content…


Improve WordPress Performance with LiteSpeed

In 2015, Rochen migrated our web servers from Apache to LiteSpeed Enterprise Edition. We took this innovative step because tests showed that LiteSpeed drastically outperforms both Apache and Nginx. This makes LiteSpeed by far the best platform for hosting popular content management systems, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento. Compared to Apache, LiteSpeed Enterprise Edition can handle five times more hits per second, and generate four times faster page response times while keeping server loads up to fifty times lower. Get maximum performance from LiteSpeed and WordPress: If your site is hosted on LiteSpeed, you can speed up your…