In this blog post we’ll introduce you to the Rochen Vault backup solution and how to use Rochen Vault to restore a lost or damaged file inside your public_html folder. In addition to your site files, Rochen Vault also backs up other important account data including MySQL databases and email messages.

Introducing Rochen Vault

Rochen Vault is an enterprise-level backup solution which we introduced to our customers in 2007. Other shared hosting providers create backups by copying and storing your website files. Rochen Vault takes a different approach. We instead create a block-by-block copy of the content and structure of your entire server hard disk, called a “disk image”.

Rochen Vault creates such images of your server hard disk at the kernel level, in contrast with conventional backups, which take place at the file system level. This significantly reduces the workload on your server and allows Rochen to perform a backup on a daily basis and maintain more restore points.

Rochen Vault allows you to restore any files or folders from up to 30 backup recovery points. Traditional web hosts normally offer only 1 to 3 recovery points you can restore from.

With Rochen Vault you even can recover files and folders that were backed up on different days. For example, you can restore one file from a backup created on March 12, and another file from a backup created on March 10.

Rochen Vault is conveniently available to you from within your Rochen hosting control panel. It has a very user-friendly and intuitive interface, as you will see later in the tutorial. You won’t even have to contact Rochen Support to restore a backup, though we are always happy to help you if needed.

Rochen Vault also provides additional protection because it stores backup data off-server. Conventional web hosting backup solutions store their backups using a secondary drive on the same server hosting your website. That’s not true at Rochen.

How to restore a file from public_html folder with Rochen Vault

To see the power and simplicity of Rochen Vault in practice, let’s show you how to take advantage of it. In this example, we’re going to recover a lost .htaccess file.

  • Login to the cPanel for your Rochen-hosted site.
  • In your CPanel, go to the “Files” section (1) and click “Restore Vault Backup” (2).

  • You’ll now be on the “Restore Vault Backup” screen. Click the “Full Screen Mode” link.

  • You’ll now be on the “Server Backup Manager” screen. Select the date from which you wish to restore your .htaccess file (1), and click on the Browse icon (2).

  • On the “Browse Recovery Point” page, find the “home” folder and double-click on it:

  • On the next screen, find public_html folder and double-click on it:

  • You’ll now see a list of subfolders and files. Find the .htaccess file you wish to recover (1), fill the checkbox on the left (2), and click on the “Restore Selected” button (3).

  • In the “Restore Files” modal box, read the instructions, and click on the “Restore” blue button:

  • You’ll see the message “File restore completed successfully” (1), and you’ll also see statistics for your restored file (2):

Rochen Vault also backs up other data including your MySQL databases. We will cover this in a later blog post. In the meantime, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to open a support ticket via the My Rochen portal at: and we will be happy to help 24/7. If you’re not already a customer and have questions please feel free to reach out to our sales team via: [email protected].