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Joomla 5 Web Hosting

When it comes to your Joomla 5 websites, optimizing performance and security should be at the top of your priority list. With the ever-increasing threats and the need for faster site load times, it's essential to have a solid Joomla 5 web hosting solution in place. At Rochen, we have always strongly supported the Joomla community and development initiatives–through our decades-long sponsorship, highly optimized hosting service, and expert team. Since 2005, when Open Source Matters (OS) first launched Joomla 1.0, we have provided fast and robust hosting for the official Joomla sites. We Support Joomla 5 Requirements…

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Rochen is not affected by OpenSSL vulnerabilities

Rochen became aware of high-severity security vulnerabilities with OpenSSL versions 3.x last week in advance of the public disclosures yesterday of CVE-2022-37786 and CVE-2022-3602. Our team confirmed in advance of the disclosures that none of our servers were vulnerable to these exploits. We are constantly monitoring for potential threats that can harm our customers and are pleased that in this instance there was no potential risk. If any customers do have questions though then our technical support team is available to assist 24/7 through the My Rochen customer portal.

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How to Transfer Web Hosts

For many people, the prospect of handling a WordPress web hosting transfer themselves is daunting or too time-consuming. That's a legitimate concern. What if you're transferring a Joomla or Drupal site or migrating multiple applications hosted on a custom server stack? What about your essential email accounts; will they be transferred smoothly, along with the WordPress hosting itself?  At Rochen, we offer a managed migration service free for your first ten website transfers on all of our plans. Our experts will professionally transfer your web hosting and email accounts over to your new Rochen plan. Here's how…

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Rochen customers protected against Dirty Pipe vulnerability

A critical security vulnerability in the Linux Kernel called Dirty Pipe (CVE-2022-0847) was recently discovered and widely reported in the technology news media. We want to reassure Rochen customers that all appropriate patches have been deployed and are already in place to protect our infrastructure against this vulnerability.Rochen provides a fully managed service across all of our web hosting solutions with the goal of always keeping our customers as secure as possible. We have processes and systems in place to ensure rapid deployment of Linux Kernel security fixes including custom patching by our team, where appropriate, as well as leveraging leading…

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Rochen’s positive actions on the invasion of Ukraine

Rochen is a global web hosting provider with proud registrations in the United Kingdom, Ireland (EU) and the United States. We have team members in many other countries and customers in most countries around the world. Our entire team is horrified by Russia's war unfolding against Ukraine. As a smaller internet company, we are limited in scope as to what measures we can take to help the situation. Rochen will, of course, fully enforce all required sanctions in all jurisdictions that we operate in worldwide. We are however now taking the following actions in response to the…

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