Wendy Robinson
Rochen has been in business for over a decade and over the years we’ve built a solid foundation and customer base that can be attributed to our lightning fast hosting infrastructure, our exclusive features such as Rochen Vault and Joomla! Utilities, our 24/7 customer technical support and also our contributions to the open source world, most notably Joomla!

While we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished and the services that we’re able to offer, we can also boast that we have the BEST customers!

As I monitor the Rochen sales desk ([email protected]), I hear from a lot of folks who are writing us with their inquiries because a friend or colleague has recommended us to them and many of our new sign ups indicate that they were referred by a current customer. We can’t thank those folks enough, as truly those referrals and word-of-mouth recommendations have helped to make Rochen what it is today.

I do find myself wondering though, how many of those people who refer our services are possibly missing out on an opportunity? Do they know they could be making affiliate earnings every time they refer someone?

A few years ago we introduced our Affiliate Program. The aim of the program at its launch was to build a unique network for people to refer their customers, colleagues, and friends to us in confidence that they’d receive the most reliable performance hosting service. In return, Rochen would offer industry-leading commission payouts and encourage folks to promote the brand in an open, honest, and ethical way.

We set our sights high to be able to maintain the above mission, and it’s worked well for everyone involved! Today we have nearly 400 partners in our affiliate network and it’s growing by the day.

With our Affiliate program you have complete freedom to promote your affiliate link in whichever way fits best into your business model, providing of course that the promotion is done in an ethical and lawful way (no SPAM, or other harmful activities). We don’t pressure you to use certain banners (though we do provide a few if you’d like to use them) or marketing tools, or hammer you with constant email reminders and notifications. The program is simply sign up and start promoting, or even just keep the link handy for those common requests for advice that you get from friends and family.

Some of the great features of our Affiliate Program are as follows:

  • Industry leading commission range of $35 – $300 per referral. Absolute minimum pay-out of $35 with the ability to earn a massive $300 commission from a single referral even if it’s the only one you send us.
  • Affiliate pay-outs between 200 – 350% of monthly sale amount.
  • Our average affiliate pay-out is $80 per referral.
  • Even if your referral contacts Rochen’s sales team for assistance or posts at our Customer Forums prior to signup you will still be fully credited for the sale. We work to close the sale for you. Likewise, if your referral uses a promotional code  during signup we will still credit you for the full sale.
  • You can refer to Rochen in confidence that you are associating yourself with one of the longest standing and most reputable web hosting providers anywhere. Rochen only provide the very best performance hosting solutions and we will look after every customer you refer to us. You are marketing a premium quality service.
  • Tier bonus of 5% when balance is over $500 at the time of pay-out and 10% when balance is over $1000 at the time of pay-out. E.g. Have a pay-out balance of $505 and receive $530.25.
  • Tracking cookies are valid for a leading 90 days after your referral hits the Rochen website. For example, the user can return to the Rochen site 3 months after you first referred them and you will still be credited for the sale.
  • We will credit your affiliate account with an opening balance of $20 before you even get started.
  • You can partner with Rochen in trust that we will credit you for every referral you send.
  • Rochen maintains globally diverse data centers in the US and UK opening a larger market for you to target.
  • Payments are made to you promptly and easily through PayPal between the 15th – 25th of each month.
  • Affiliate team available to address any of your questions during normal business hours via: [email protected].
  • Refer business associates even if you don’t have your website established yet. Simply provide them with your unique Rochen referral URL via email, slide presentation, newsletter or other means.
  • For larger affiliates we can arrange cross promotion services such as customized landing pages on the Rochen website, special coupons and promotional codes for your customers to utilize at Rochen etc. Contact us via: [email protected] to discuss any potential opportunities.
  • Although we certainly encourage it you do not need to be an existing Rochen customer to join our affiliate program

You can read more about our Affiliate program, including the full list of payout amounts here.

So, if you’re one of those folks who are already referring people to our services (we know you’re out there!), let us show our appreciation by helping you in return with quality commission payouts. Sign up here anytime to get started!